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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ECB Green Giveaway

ECB Green Giveaway

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Slow Down Environmental Degradation

The advocacy of a lot of people today is to save our planet from further destruction.  We are producing more waste than we can process.  Waste is filling up our landfills at a staggering rate, which is already alarming.  Incarcerators are working double time to burn the trash from our homes but even burning has a negative effect on our environment because of the gasses that it produces.  Weather patterns are already starting to change and climate change is said to be the one of the main reasons why natural calamities are becoming more and more destructive to the human population.

Of course, we do not want this to happen, not in our lifetime or our children’s children’s lifetime.  One way we can reduce trash is to recycle it.  Electronic items and appliances are easily recyclable because there are companies that specialize in the recovery of electronic materials. Of course, you can easily sell your Kindle Fire because a lot of people know that this is a great item.  But what if no one from your circle of friends is interested in buying it?

No need to fret because if you sell your Kindle Fire to, you will get a good price for it since it is a fairly new model.  For those who are not familiar with the site, it is a website that you can use whenever you want to sell your Kindle Fire or any other tablet PCs and electronic gadgets.  They even accept old models and broken ones.  Dealing with them is easy and secure.  You get your check after a few days of shipping them your tablet. It is an easy way to sell your old tablet PC and help save the environment in the process.

Efforts to make the environment a safer place for everyone have increased in recent years. You should take part in this too! If you're still not convinced of the impending doom the world will experience if we keep on neglecting the environment, try watching these movies. See if you won't at least get nervous seeing how events happening in real life are getting close to what is happening in these movies:

  • 2012
This movie follows science fiction writer Jackson Curtis (played by John Cusack) as he attempts to save his loved ones from the changes of the elements. Anyone who has seen this film and went through the wrath of Frankenstorm Sandy last week can feel the eerie similarities.

  • The Day After Tomorrow
The effects of global warming are shown in this movie, which depicts how people have to suffer from extreme weather conditions. In the end, Americans had to evacuate to Mexico, or freeze to death. 

  • An Inconvenient Truth
This documentary is an alarming look at climate change and what people have done to contribute to the sorry state of the planet. Narrated by former Vice President Al Gore, you'll get more information than a lecture about the environment, and it’ll be scarier than watching the most frightening horror movie you've seen! 

Environment/Recycling Resources:

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Recycling, Children, and How to Sell Kindle DX

We are all guilty of buying stuff just because it’s the latest one available in the market even if we still have a similar one that is still in good working condition. Of course, we love that we somewhat ‘belong” to the in-crowd that can afford these items just like when we grabbed the opportunity from the ads that sell Kindle DX for a low price.  Because of this, we have a lot of items in our house that are just lying there gathering dust in one corner of the attic.  What if you were told that you can get your cash back when you recycle these items?

I bet you did not know that important piece of information.  Well, now that you know, it is time that you act on it.  Recycling is not just for plastic containers, glass bottles, newspapers and old magazines as almost all those things can be recycled and be useful again.  Sure, you can just sell Kindle DX for a tidy sum but what about the other things in your house? Don’t you want to reclaim some usable space and earn cash from those things too? Recycling is a great way to help our environment and reduce the amount of trash that is accumulating everyday.  This would make sure that your children’s children would still be able to enjoy nature as we do today.

Speaking of children, do you know that a lot of studies have shown that letting kids use tablet PCs and e-readers like the Kindle DX allows their creativity to flourish? For a Kindle DX owner, the natural progression would be to upgrade to a Kindle Fire. Here are things kids can do with the Kindle Fire that will put a spark to their imagination:

  • Let them follow Green Eggs and Ham.
Dr. Seuss’ classic comes alive with the app on the Kindle Fire. For $2.99, kids can follow the story through a storybook-like experience. They can either read the book by themselves or let the device read it for them.   It gives children an interactive way to follow along with the Dr. Seuss classic, complete with original illustrations. The app provides a book-like experience where children can read the book for themselves or have the Kindle Fire read the book aloud. Other apps with Dr. Seuss’ series are How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Cat in the Hat.

  • Let them draw with Picasso Kids Paint Magic.
Make the Kindle Fire a kid’s canvas with this app. Users do not only get to use a variety of colors to draw or doodle, but also add special effects. Perfectionists do not even have to waste paper if they are unsatisfied with their work – they just need to shake the tablet a little to start a new drawing.

  • Let them play Angry Birds.
One of the most popular game apps of all time can be played by kids to sharpen their skills in strategy and problem solving.

Now, let’s go back to recycling things. One way of recycling is to sell Kindle DX and other electronic items to  This is a great way of earning money from what you have already considered to be junk items in your house. The process is easy and is explained very well on the site.  It is legitimate and not a hoax.  There are a lot of people who can attest to this.  So, if you want to help the environment, you will definitely be doing so with the help of this company.

Sell Kindle Touch Online and Enjoy the Classics

No matter how we take care of our things, sometimes accidents happen and they get broken. For example if you have a tablet, there is a chance that it will slip from your hand and fall or that someone will sit on it if you leave it lying around. When these unfortunate things happen, your iPad or Kindle Touch gets broken and not even the best technician will be able to repair it. It does not have to be a complete loss since you can still actually sell Kindle Touch or other tablets that have been damaged. 

There are several places where you can sell Kindle Touch online if you want the convenience and hassle free service. One such site is They will buy used electronic devices from slightly used ones to those that have suffered irreparable damage. Thus, in spite of what happened to your Kindle Touch, for example, you can still get some money out of it and not have to suffer a complete loss of your money. Not only will you benefit from doing this, but you will also be doing your share in minimizing pollution. Most people would just throw out their old things and these would end up in landfills or even on the seabed. When you sell your old stuff, these can be recycled and pollution will be reduced. 

The process involved when you sell Kindle Touch to is simple and easy and will virtually take very little of your time. Based on a lot of customer feedback, dealing with the company is hassle-free. Getting price quotation is easy to do. Mailing your old tablet to them is also not much of a bother since they send you the box and cover the shipping fees. Lastly, you have the choice of getting your payment faster by opting for PayPal payment instead of getting a check payment. 

Now, if you have the money to upgrade to a new Kindle, be sure to have these classic e-books in mind and give your new device a test run with the best literature:

  •          Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities
For those who want to vicariously live in a significant time in world history, this classic takes you on a ride with one of literature’s most enigmatic characters, Madame Defarge. You get to experience what it was like to live with the pure and innocent in London and the chaos in Paris during the French Revolution. (get e-book here)

  •          George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four
Most of us these days are so desensitized about issues of privacy, thanks to mass media presenting us with things like Big Brother on TV and social media. But what if Big Brother, a figure that oversees everything going on, is real? Orwell, who wrote this book in the late 1940s, gives a chilling precursor to what the future will be. (get e-book here)

  •          Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind
For anyone looking for the ultimate love story, this is THE book to be read. Set in the American Civil War, the story is long and rocky, with the protagonist evolving from a spoiled rich girl to a woman in control of her fate. (get e-book here)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Great Writing Apps for College Students

In college, students are very harassed by their professors with a lot of essays to write, quizzes to prepare for, final papers to be submitted. So, for most of them, having an iPad is another distraction, so better to sell iPad, right? But wait, you might find your iPad useful when you are writing. So here are writing apps that will be good for your scholarly work!

Writing Without Distractions

If you do not want to be distracted, then these apps are for you! You can choose ByWord ($3), iA Writer ($1-$3) or OmmWriter ($5). They are apps for distraction-free writing. They can also boost your creativity by helping you concentrate on what you are writing and nothing else. Although all of them have the same goal, they have different approaches for a distraction-free environment. ByWord and iA Writer makes your writing experience minimalistic. Although many people love ByWords more than iA Writer, both have great user interfaces. OmmWriter is a little bit different since it also stimulates your senses by offering you audio and visual effects.

Managing Your Writing

If you want to organize your writings and notes from classes, then you should use MacJournal ($6). It is like a database for notes. It allows you to create journals and organize them into folders. You can also type anything from a single thought to a draft of a chapter. With this app, you can coherently organize your writings. Other than that, you can also access your pieces on your laptop or desktop computer through any MacJournal companion apps for Mac and Windows.

(If you are writing a long text, better have an external keyboard because it will be painful for the joints of your finger. A lot of people complain about the joint aches they acquire after typing for a long period of time on the iPad screen.)

Formatting and Sharing Your Writing

If you are the type of person who wants to pump up their writing a little bit like having a proper headline, bullet points and page numbers, then you should have the Pages app ($10). Using this app, you can share your essay with your classmates or even submit it to your teacher. Pages is good for finishing up and exchanging documents with your colleagues.

You can also choose QuickOffice Pro HD ($20) if you are more comfortable with Windows. It offers an all-in-one solution for MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files unlike Pages.

Taking Down Notes

If you like your notes to be structured, then you would like ThinkBook ($2). You can organize your class notes into bullet points, create to-do lists and prepare questions. You can also keep track of your classes and even projects. Do not worry because all your notes are neatly organized into different books and pages. You can also give titles to your notes so that you can find them easier later on. The app is the fastest way to take notes and structure bullet lists. You easily add new items and arrange them into a category by using gestures or special keys. However, you better use MacJournal if you are going to type a longer text.

So there you go, great apps for writing!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Teach Math With Teaching Table App

  The iPad can solve a lot of problems. It can make your life easier depending on how you use it. For many who think that the iPad is basically useless, they just sell iPad. But for those who think that their iPad worth more than that, they download apps that add to the functionality of their favorite tablet.

For those students who are enrolled in math classes, there is an app that can help them. Having problems with a mathematical equation? No problem. Are you someone who has a great love for mathematics? Well then, Teaching Table is the app for you! Whether it is arithmetic, calculus or trigonometry, there are many math apps you can choose from, but you can start with this app.

Teaching Table lets math educators create interactive lessons for their classes. These lessons let students interact with digital manipulative to solve problems and learn math concepts.

With this iPad app for math, teachers can now create lessons that will go with their curriculum. They do not even have to buy any apps from the App Store just to address a single concept or lesson because Teaching Table is very much adaptable to any kinds of lesson. You can even use this app to provide visual presentations of math concepts within an interactive interface for the students.

You can create and share lessons with the class in a very simple way. The lessons are very easy to share. Since they are designed for the iPad, they are also mobile and can be used anywhere, anytime. Teachers who use Teaching Table can also customize a lesson for any kind of class: Entire classes, small, groups or even individual learners. Whatever the math lesson is, this app will definitely help teachers. You can be assured that this tool will allow students to master math!

The problem of most math apps is that they are too mechanical, therefore, hard to understand. If you use this app, you are making a lesson that is more personalized and engaging for the student. Now you can make lessons far more memorable than a worksheet or an exercise page!

Other than that, teachers can e-mail their lessons to fellow teachers, students, or parents.

 Scared that the app will be hard to use? No worries, because the app comes with a thorough interactive tutorial on creating a lesson using the app. It provides easy instruction for the teacher.

With the new iPad, you can now create a lesson fast and easy. The app even has a widget bar that appears at the bottom of the page of any lesson so that you can put manipulatives in that you want to use in the lesson. You can choose a lot of manipulative like counters, money, place value blocks, polygons, fractions and dice. You can also create your own counting areas, insert boxes, and put in multiple choice questions for your class to answer.

So what are you waiting for? Sell broken iPad now and get a new one to help you get started with your math lesson!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Broken Gadgets? Sell Playbook Beyond Repair Online

Due to modern culture and convenience nowadays, the normal thing to do when stuff gets broken is to throw it away and just buy another one. Getting something repaired is not the automatic solution for many people anymore. This is also the case for electronic gadgets since their prices have gone down due to heavy competition. Some people would even justify that it would be more economical to buy a new one than to shell out money to buy replacement parts and pay labor for the repair service. There is actually an alternative – you can sell Playbook and other types of tablets that have already been damaged.

If you don’t know of any establishment that is engaged in this kind of business in your vicinity, why not go online and check out websites such as Their business is to buy used tablets to refurbish and resell. However, they will also buy tablets that are broken. They will use these broken tablets for recycling. If you sell Playbook to them instead of throwing it out, you will not just be getting extra cash for something that has was initially destined for the garbage can. You will also be doing your share in helping reduce the pollutants in the environment.

The site also makes it easy for you to sell Playbook to them. The whole process is easy and straightforward. First, you get a quote for your tablet. And then you request the packaging to be sent to your address. When it arrives, just place your tablet inside and mail it. The shipping fees are already covered. The last step would be to wait for the call from their customer service representative to inform you when you will be receiving your payment and if it is through check or PayPal.

By selling your current Playbook, you may then consider upgrading to the new Playbook model with 4G. The 4G model promises to provide a better gaming experience for users. Excited to have fun with games on the 4G model? Here are the hottest ones:

•    Angry Birds Space
The most popular game on mobile devices is finally available on RIM’s tablet PC! Rescue eggs as space pigs transport their loot to a different dimension. With zero gravity, can the Angry Birds emerge victorious once again? Their fate is in your hands!

•    9 mm HD
Fancy yourself as a cop? This game lets you be John "Loose" Kannon, the leader of group of tough cops with questionable methods they employ to clean up the streets. Whether you subscribe to legal methods or not, your mission is to take down a gang leader.

•    Reckless Racing
For those who want to enjoy an old-school game of car racing with advanced features like state-of-the-art graphics and multi-player options, this game’s for you! Great controls allows you to leave your opponents eating your dust (or mud, as this game has a lot of levels set in mud racing tracks).

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sell Slate 500 and Get Cash From Your Trash

Old tablet PCs lying around your house are a liability to you.  They have been sitting there in the corner for so long that a thick layer of dust has covered them already.  Don’t you know that the longer these gadgets just sit there collecting dust, the lower their values become? It is good to sell your Slate 500 right away if you decide to get a new one so that you can get a good price for it.  This way, you would be able to recoup at least 50% of what you spent purchasing it. 

If you have no intention to sell that Slate 500 or your other items that appear to be of no use to you, you can always donate them to those who need them.  This would be a great deed of humanitarianism on your part.  But really, if you knew you could get money from these seemingly useless items, why wouldn’t you try it?  Yes, you can get money from things you think are garbage. 

Recycling is one simple way we can do our part in caring for the environment.  We all want to preserve this planet we call home because, well, it is the only planet we have.  The trash that we are producing is destroying the world slowly and before we know it, the whole planet will become desolate and useless because of our misdeeds.  We don’t want that to happen, do we? Of course not; we still want to enjoy the rest of our lives and not be dead because of deadly gases poisoning us.

You may want to think about selling your Slate 500 and your other electronic items to Cash for Tablet PCs, click here.  It is a legitimate site that buys old and broken tablet PCs and other electronic items. Dealing with them is fast and easy.  You send the item you want to sell them for free and you get paid after just a few days.  See, I told you that there was cash in your trash.

After you’ve sold your electronics, think about what you have stored in your attic. Here are some more things that you can sell:

  • Old clothes can be sold to curio or costume shops, especially if you are selling period pieces. If you have distinctly 1950's or 1960's clothes, sell them ASAP before they get damaged by moths and bugs.
  •  Old magazines, especially those that are in 'mint' conditions may be sold on websites like eBay.  A lot of collectors are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to get copies of rare issues.
  •  Vintage paraphernalia can bring in big bucks for you. Look for items in the attic from grandparents who have kept postcards, election pins, old movie posters, and figurines. There are people who love collecting these items, while some filmmaking companies scout for people who sell these items to make their productions as authentic as possible.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Getting Google Maps Back on Your iPad

One of the frustrations of iDevice owners who have updated their gadgets to the latest iOS 6 is the maps app that Apple has put in the place of the previous Google Maps app.  The iOS 6 upgrade is a winner by all counts, with positive reviews on the enhanced Siri and Do Not Disturb features. But then, this new map app does not impress anyone at all.

There are a lot of complaints coming from the users stating that the maps are total duds.  The information is not complete because there are a lot of places that show only blank spaces especially if you try to check on places that are not frequently visited.  Also, if you access cities other than those found in the United States, the maps that you see are incomplete.  You can ask those who sell Iconia Tab A500 as they have the same reaction as the rest of the Apple users. The map app is so bad, the company’s CEO Tim Cook, had to issue an apology to everyone who was let down. After all, everybody expected it to be great, as it replaced the rather dependable and established Google Maps.

The Cupertino company was so confident with its new map app, there is actually no Google Maps app in the iTunes store anymore, even if you search high and low. But the plainly bad app has made a lot of iPad and iPhone owners pine for the great Google Maps. Is it still possible to have Google maps on your iDevice even though it has gone missing from the App Store?

Actually, there’s no need to get frustrated as there is a way that you can work around this little bump in the road for the iOS 6.  The good news is that you can link Google Maps to your iPad or iPhone even if you already upgraded to iOS 6. You can put a direct link on your device’s home screen, which upon tapping it will redirect you to the Google Maps page in your browser.  You can ask help from those who sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB WiFi if you are not confident that you can do it by yourself.

  • The first thing you do is access Google Maps in your Safari browser. 
  • Once it loads up, you can allow or disallow it to access your current location.
  • Once the page loads, tap the share button at the bottom of the screen and choose the Add to Home Screen button. You can put Google Maps as the name of the link or change it to whatever you like.
  • You have now created an icon on your home screen that will take you directly to Google Maps. 
  • Keep in mind though that what you are accessing here is the web version so there is no street view and it might take time to load depending on your Wi-Fi/cellular signal.

Those who sell Galaxy Tab 4G 10.1 16GB would recommend that you do this if you really want Google Maps.  Until the iDevice’s own map app improves, then it would be a great idea to go back to Google Maps in the meantime.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tablet Wars: The iPad Mini Versus Galaxy Note 2

Upon the release of the iPad Mini, a lot of people began comparing it against other tablet computers in the market of the smaller tablets. Although it is more expensive than any other tablet computer, many still think that it is better. So is it really better to sell an old or broken iPad to have a new one?

For now, let us compare the iPad Mini to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which is also part of the higher priced tablet computer category.

Hardware and Design

The Apple tablet has the A5 chip processor, which is not the latest. The latest is the A6X processor. But then again, that is not to say that it is slow. It is far from it. The tablet has the PowerVR GPU and this makes sure that it has good performance without heating up. It also comes with a RAM of 1 GB. Other than that, the iPad Mini comes in black and white, a color scheme famous to Apple. There is also a choice of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB storage.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with the Exynos quad core processor at 1.6 GHz. It comes with 2 GB of RAM and a GPU that offers great gameplay. This tablet computer can either have 16 GB or 32 GB of storage. It can also support up to 64 GB via SD card. Because of this, the Galaxy Note 2 is better because of its storage, processor and RAM.


The Samsung Galaxy note has a display of 5.5 inches with 306 pixels per inch. This is a lot more than what the iPad Mini has to offer. Remember, the iPad Mini did not get the Retina Display, so make sure that you do not sell iPad 3 for it, unless you want a smaller iPad. The lack of the Retina Display is one of the criticisms this tablet received these days.

As much as the iPad Mini’s size is wonderful, its display can never match the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, because it has deep blacks, more PPI and more vibrant colors.


The Samsung tablet runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is the latest operating system from Android. The iPad Mini on the other hand, has the latest operating system of Apple, the iOS 6. The App Store has wider ecosystem of applications than Google Play Store. Other than that, the Galaxy Note 2 cannot even use the apps for tablets. It can only access the apps that Android handsets can use. It looks like the iPad Mini is the better deal for software.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has an 8 megapixel rear camera. Its front camera has 1.9 megapixels. The iPad Mini only has a 5 megapixel camera (which is iSight) and the front camera is 2 megapixels, which can take videos at 720p.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has won most of the categories because of its extras and hardware. But if you want better access to tablet-optimized apps, then you’d better get the iPad Mini.