Monday, 3 December 2012

Broken Gadgets? Sell Playbook Beyond Repair Online

Due to modern culture and convenience nowadays, the normal thing to do when stuff gets broken is to throw it away and just buy another one. Getting something repaired is not the automatic solution for many people anymore. This is also the case for electronic gadgets since their prices have gone down due to heavy competition. Some people would even justify that it would be more economical to buy a new one than to shell out money to buy replacement parts and pay labor for the repair service. There is actually an alternative – you can sell Playbook and other types of tablets that have already been damaged.

If you don’t know of any establishment that is engaged in this kind of business in your vicinity, why not go online and check out websites such as Their business is to buy used tablets to refurbish and resell. However, they will also buy tablets that are broken. They will use these broken tablets for recycling. If you sell Playbook to them instead of throwing it out, you will not just be getting extra cash for something that has was initially destined for the garbage can. You will also be doing your share in helping reduce the pollutants in the environment.

The site also makes it easy for you to sell Playbook to them. The whole process is easy and straightforward. First, you get a quote for your tablet. And then you request the packaging to be sent to your address. When it arrives, just place your tablet inside and mail it. The shipping fees are already covered. The last step would be to wait for the call from their customer service representative to inform you when you will be receiving your payment and if it is through check or PayPal.

By selling your current Playbook, you may then consider upgrading to the new Playbook model with 4G. The 4G model promises to provide a better gaming experience for users. Excited to have fun with games on the 4G model? Here are the hottest ones:

•    Angry Birds Space
The most popular game on mobile devices is finally available on RIM’s tablet PC! Rescue eggs as space pigs transport their loot to a different dimension. With zero gravity, can the Angry Birds emerge victorious once again? Their fate is in your hands!

•    9 mm HD
Fancy yourself as a cop? This game lets you be John "Loose" Kannon, the leader of group of tough cops with questionable methods they employ to clean up the streets. Whether you subscribe to legal methods or not, your mission is to take down a gang leader.

•    Reckless Racing
For those who want to enjoy an old-school game of car racing with advanced features like state-of-the-art graphics and multi-player options, this game’s for you! Great controls allows you to leave your opponents eating your dust (or mud, as this game has a lot of levels set in mud racing tracks).



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